Job Offers From Fintech Company In Brasil

Fintech with headquarters in Curitiba and operations throughout Brazil, ROIT completes five years in 2021 promoting the expansion and qualification of its teams. The company, which acts in accounting, financial and human resources management, has open positions for professionals and internships, in at least 18 different functions.

In addition to job opportunities, joining ROIT ensures the development of careers in the area of information technology (IT). According to the responsible for the employee experience area at fintech, the company offers a program for trainees and interns and continuous training for professionals.

The executive highlights that the objective is to form teams “that want to be part of the ‘accounting revolution’, and that are not afraid to take risks”. She emphasizes: “We seek professionals with critical thinking, so that they can question methods, identify problems, but that are creative to bring solutions, that know how to work in teams, that adapt quickly to unexpected situations”.

The open positions are for the following functions:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • AI Developer – focus on embedded systems
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • RPA Developer
  • Development Internship (Front-end, Back-end, AI and Mobile)
  • Marketing Internship (designer and video production)
  • Marketing Analyst – E-commerce
  • Marketing Analyst – Content
  • Internship – IT/Infra
  • Growth & Sales Analyst
  • Tax Law Analyst
  • HR/DP Analyst
  • Closer (Inside Sales)
  • QA Internship
  • Sales Development Representative – SDR
  • Internship – Data Engineering

According to the executive, the internship vacancies are for Curitiba and metropolitan region. The effective vacancies are suitable for candidates and candidates from any part of the country, once the activities can be developed in a remote way.

As actions and initiatives of incentive, of incentive to young people in the beginning of the IT career, we have a specific program, with accompaniment and development ‘Soft’ and ‘Hard Skills’ for interns, with training and mentoring for formation. For the effective collaborators, we have ROIT Academy – Corporate University for ‘Roiters’ development, she adds.

ROIT is on its way to becoming a unicorn company: it intends to reach market value of US$ 1 billion by 2023. For 2021, the company projects invoicing of US$ 45 million, with the consolidation and expansion of its IT solutions focused on accounting, financial and human resources management.

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