How To Win The Lottery Using The Secret?

How To Win The Lottery Using The Secret?

Everyone wants to win the lottery and some people will stop at nothing to make this dream come true. Just stand in any lottery line long enough and you may see some people who are not members of gamblers anonymous spend their very last few bucks on a chance to strike it rich. There are many systems out there that will help you to select your lucky numbers and some people are turning to numerology to pick those numbers.

Some people have even won it multiple times as you can read here:

If you do not already know, numerology is the study of numbers. Everyday people like you and me often believe that numbers have a special significance and using them to win the lottery might give us an edge. So, can you win the lottery with numerology? Well, who knows for sure. However, you have as good as a chance or better by using numerology to pick your lottery numbers. Let’s face it, it can not hurt to know why you are picking a certain number.

Winning The Lottery with Numerology and The Secret, Can It Be Done?

Keep in mind that the study of numerology is not something that is new. Numerology is like the sun, it has been around for a very long time. Early records indicate that numerology dates to around 25 B.C. Even the early Christian Church used numerology in many aspects of planning. So, it should come as no shock that people would use the study of numbers where it seems to count most, winning the lottery. So, if you have any hopes of wining the lottery and want to select a few numbers using a logical method, numerology is a great way to do so.

What is Numerology?

  • Numerology is the study of how numbers relate to symbolism.
  • Numerology deals with the significance that numbers have in a person’s life or events that could occur.
  • Numerology can be associated with those that belief in spiritual or mystical beliefs, astrology and sometimes it deals with paranormal activity or coincidences. This can help to guide a person in what their inner strengths might be and what path their lives should take depending on the numerology and symbolism that is determined. This can help a person to focus on their strengths and to get help with the areas that they are weak in. This also helps people to find other people that they will work well with and even have better intimate relationships with either as a friend or lover.

People that study numerology are called numerologist. These people study patterns and coincidences that occur and that are associated with certain numbers. The study of numerology dates back to the year 10,000 back in Egypt as well as in Babylonia. The practice of Numerology is still used in the present. For more information also read

Numerology is calculated by using specific formulas. Each number signifies a specific part of a person’s life or their characteristic the numbers are usually taken from the person’s birthdate, age and their name. After all of the numbers are put together they are then put into a formula to come up with vibration rates that apply to the specific individual and from this those who believe in numerology can make decisions on what would be best for their future, financial decisions and characteristics that they might have. Some people will discover which traits are more dominant and which life paths might work best for them based on their specific numerology pattern.

The secret tells us that you can achieve anything in life as long as you believe it and visualize it every day. If you want to learn more about the secret and what it is all about visit

Help To Win The Lottery

While there are plenty of programs that claim to give you “secrets” to winning the lottery, the truth is that most of it is just going to come down to luck. The lottery, after all, is about luck. With that said, there are some ways that you can better your odds, at least a little bit, in terms of getting results from how you play. While it is, ultimately, 99% luck, that 1% could help you out.

While a lot of “professional” lottery winners guard their secrets, one of the hints that they will tell you is to use your own numbers. While “quick-pick” numbers are going to be, well, quick, they don’t give you the best odds of winning. If you are going to play, play with your own numbers. They an be random, or they can meaningful for you; whatever they are, play them. There are some numbers that come up more than others but, ultimately, they all have the same chance in the end. In addition, stick with the same numbers week after week, as it gives you better odds.

Another hint that “professionals” will give you is to play multiple numbers each week. While you don’t have to buy $2000 worth of lottery tickets a week, try playing $5-$10. If you think about it, the more numbers that you play, the better chance that you have to win. Even if you have to do it with a group, it still puts you at better odds.

How Can I Win The Lottery?

If you are looking for ways to win the lottery there are resources online that can help increase your chances of winning money when you play. Although the numbers drawn are random, you can gain valuable insight to patterns and payouts by visiting the website of your state lottery.

Your state lottery has a website where they list some very important information concerning the different types of games you can play in your area. They list all the scratch off lottery tickers on the website and show you exactly how many jackpots are still in circulation. They also tell you which tickets are still running but have sold out of all the jackpot tickets. This can put you at an advantage over players who simply grab any lottery tickets at the store. Some locations may still have hundreds of scratch off tickets that no longer have any jackpots available and yet are being sold each day to unsuspecting players.

  1. You can also see the numbers that are drawn and you have the ability to go back years and research the winning numbers. You can see how much these numbers paid and how often they have hit.
  2. If you have been playing a bunch of numbers and you see one pays consistently more money each time it does hit, you should focus your efforts there.
  3. You can also see which numbers come out more frequently and take a chance playing those number and see if your winnings increase over the next few weeks.

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