08.30 Registration & Refreshments
10:00 Opening Remarks from Chair
Professor Terrence Fernando, Director of the THINKlab, University of Salford
10:05 Morning KeynoteMike Broomhead FBCS CITP, Industry Architect for Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM UK
Software infrastructure for building big data

  • Proper governance and safeguarding of data as a priority and necessity as we become a more data driven society
  • Shaping strategies for best use of data and pursuing a sustainable long term infrastructure
  • Potential barriers to implementing big data structures
  • Developing an all-encompassing an infrastructure for the public sector
10:30 Mark Maidman, Regional Sales Manager, Actility
Iot Infrastructure for Smart Cities 
10:55 Sponsored Headline Session – FlyingBinary
Professor Jacqui Taylor, Co-Founder and CEO, FlyingBinary
The Big Data revolution – How was it for you?
Yesterday, Big Data proposed to solve your data problems, and now … you have more data and your legacy data systems.

  • Explaining how organisations have made data part of their DNA and what that means for
  • Your Today – delivering safer services at lower cost and with less downtime
  • Your Tomorrow – leveraging a secure data platform to support health and social care ambitions
  • Your Future – paving the way for your organisation to manage and demonstrate GDPR compliance


11:15 Refreshments & Networking Break
11:45 Seminar Streams
Session A – Differentia
Session B – ESRI
12:15 Sponsored Speaker
Dr Rafael Cepeda, Senior Manager, InterDigital Europe Ltd
Big Data Making Smart Cities Smarter
•         Use of open IoT standards to prevent vendor lock-in
•         Real IoT implementation across 4 counties and Birmingham
•         Business models supporting an open marketplace for data and data services
•         Scalability and other issues related to big data
12.35 Professor Sunil Vadera, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Salford
Data Analysis for extracting intelligence from Big Data

  • The business case for the transformative potential of thorough and comprehensive data analysis
  • How it is assisting in driving productivity and long term financial savings
  • Do we have the right software and data science to apply big data intelligence?
12.55 Lunch & Networking
13:55 Afternoon Keynote:
Rafael Cuesta, Head of Innovation, Transport for Greater Manchester “Exploitation of IoT & Big Data in the Transport Sector” 
14.15 Sponsored Speaker – Differentia
14.35 Richard Kastelein, Founder at Blockchain News (Canada)
An introduction to the Five Levels of Blockchain
Richard leads into the event with a short introduction to Blockchain and his five states of Blockchain awareness. From the rock ledgers of the Sumerians to the Stone Coins of Yap Islanders and their island consensus mechanism, he will kick off the programme with some funky narrative and storytelling
15.05 Refreshments & Comfort Break
15.25 Marc Dowd, Managing Director at Pathfinder4 (UK)
Managing Disruption
There are still challenges to overcome, but Blockchain technology stands poised to rewrite how business is conducted if its potential is achieved. Are you ready? Marc works with businesses to prevent them losing their competitive advantage to disruptors large and small. Marc used to be the principal at Forrester’s Executive Program.
15.40 Nils Veenstra, Director at BECON | Blockchain Ecosystem Network (Ireland)
An introduction to the Blockchain Ecosystem Network
We’ll explore how stakeholders in governments, enterprises, academic institutions and knowledge centres are working together to develop a platform for collaboration, networking and advancing Blockchain industry solutions.
15.50 Phil Barry, Founder at Blokur (UK)
Blockchain and Music & Entertainment

Phil is a member of the non-profit Open Music Initiative (OMI). OMI’s mission is to promote and advance the development of open source standards and innovation related to music to help assure proper compensation for all creators, performers and rights holders of music. The initiative launched with more than 60 companies involved including: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, BMG, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, SoundCloud, Netflix, SiriusXM as well as a number of rights related Blockchain startups. In November 2016, Open Music Initiative announced a further 80 partners, including Dubset, Napster, Red Bull, The Orchard, Sonos, SoundExchange, Viacom, GMR Marketing, 7 Digital and performing rights societies (such as SOCAN (Canada) and BUMA (Netherlands)).
16.10 John Clippinger, CEO at ID3 / MIT Media Lab (USA)
Closing Keynote: The Next Great Internet Disruption: Authority and Governance
The power to govern is often asserted, but it may or may not be based on authentic social consent. This is an important issue because open networks are changing the nature of legitimate authority and the consent of the governed. User communities are increasingly asserting their own authority, assigning identities to people, and allocating rights and privileges in the manner of any conventional institution. A distributed database has a lot of advantages, not only in terms of scalability but also for other key functionality such as a permissioning system.John will take a very good look at managing identity in a distributed network.
17.00 Closing Remarks from Chair
17.05 Close of Conference