Crypto-Financing 2017

Europe’s First Crypto-Financing Summit, organized by BECON in partnership with Blockchain News.

In June 2017, the blockchain project Bancor raised more than $150 million in their initial coin offering (ICO), with Tim Draper of the Draper Fisher Jurvetson VC fund being one of the contributors. There are currently well over 80 ICOs scheduled for the second half of 2017.

What are ICOs? How are they regulated? Why are traditional investors becoming more and more involved with them?

Who’s speaking?
John Clippinger – CEO ID3 / MIT Media Lab (USA)
Ryan Zurrer – General Polychain Capital (Brazil)
Vinay Gupta – Founder Hexayurt Capital (UK)
Jane Zhang – CEO Shellpay (China)
Ransu Salovaara – CEO TokenMarket (Gilbraltar)
Michael Terpin – CEO Tranform Group (Puerto Rico)
Jake Vartanian – Director Blockchain Partners (USA)
Eddy Travia – CEO Coisillium (Hong Kong)
Dan Larrimer – Founder EOS (USA)
Dana Coe – Founder Cryptocrest / Aureus (Malaysia)
William Chun – Doublechain / Hyundai (South Korea)
….and more

Who’s attending?
Rub shoulders with 200 entrepreneurs, investors, research institutions, consultants and government representatives from the UK and mainland Europe, but also from countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, China, and India. In addition, there is a showcase of 20 active ICO projects sharing their stories and experiences.

Why should I attend?
Learn all about ICOs and new finance models
– Meet some of the people that have already completed their ICO
– Meet some of the entrepreneurs that are currently working on their ICO
– Meet investors who are already investing in the space – and some who don’t
– Meet some of the regulators – the lawyers and the challenges governments and the legal system are having with defining this new financial instrument.

Attendance is capped at 200 delegates. Reserve your spot now by registering online