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The aim of our knowledge platform is to let you understand the importance, functionality and how to overcome the challenges of Blockchain. Showing a rapidly accelerating range of use-cases, we provide insights into building and implementing solutions and the application of Blockchain, across all sectors, industries and services. Connecting you on a global level with your peers, experts and Blockchain clusters and chapters, country by country.

There are two different ways to join BECON:

  • Personal Membership at €249 per year.
    A personal membership is non-transferable and allows to register at a discount per masterclass and similar educational sessions, in addition to all events.
  • Corporate Membership at €995 per year.
    A corporate membership allows a business or organisation to register up to 5 people at a discount per masterclass and similar educational sessions, in addition to all events (on an event-by-event basis).

We offer a range of services from introductory workshops, C-level sessions, forums, member briefings, webcasts, online trainings, conferences and right through to the delivery of news, white papers, reports, and indexes of both Blockchain industries and use-cases.

Members benefit from:

Weekly: BECON members receive BECON INSIGHTS, a special newsletter each Monday, in collaboration with Blockchain News.
Quarterly: BECON BULLETIN is a quarterly publication to exchange feature articles, reports, white papers, with a focus on vertical use-cases.
Website Resources: BECON members have exclusive access to a news and resources site in collaboration with Blockchain News. There are also over 500 original articles available, as well as over 200 research papers.
BECONLIST: A comprehensive directory of a total of 1,000+ technology companies indexed by country, vertical, product domain as well as funding details and use case examples.
BECON 300: The global top Blockchain technology companies selected from the BECONLIST

Members have access to the members-only online community, which has a vast library of articles, white papers, industry reports and detailed analysis. Over the course of 2017 we’re rolling out member forums, talent portals, an investor corner and other features.

BECON KICK-OFF CONFERENCES: Shaped by the launch event in December, BECON has scheduled for the period January 2017-June 2017 launch activities in United Kingdom (London (January 24) and Manchester (March 7)), Belgium (Brussels (March 8)), Spain (Barcelona (March 9)), Ireland (Dublin (May 18)), Denmark (Copenhagen (May 17)), Sweden (Stockholm (May 16)), Germany (Dusseldorf (June 21)), Frankfurt (June 22)) and Munich (June 23)). The second half of the year will be used for scheduling launch events in other countries in Europe and the first chapters in USA and Asia. Members can register for 149 EUR/GBP instead of 395 EUR/GBP, earning back their membership by attending one event.
BECON QUARTERLY MEMBER BRIEFINGS: Complimentary access to informal get-togethers organized by your local BECON chapter.
BECON FORUMS: International and national gatherings on the application of Blockchain, in addition to a showcase of Blockchain technologies and solutions. The Forum will be launched in The Hague (June 13-15, 2017), followed country-by-country.
BECON WORLD EXPOS: BECON will launch leading Blockchain international expositions across the world. The first edition will be in London (September 13-14, 2017), followed by Boston and Singapore.
Access to third party events world-wide at a discounted price.

Preferred and discounted access to BECON Blockchain Masterclasses, Bootcamps and other educational products and services.
BECON MASTERCLASSES: Country-by-country, BECON has scheduled a series of different Masterclasses: Masterclass BLOCKCHAIN METHODOLOGIES, Masterclass CIO and Masterclass IT. The first masterclass will start in The Hague, followed by kick-offs in other cities in Europe. Members can register at a discount, earning back their membership by attending one event.
BECON BOOTCAMPS: Country-by-country, BECON has scheduled a series of international and national bootcamps. The first will be part of the BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS FORUM in Barcelona (October 3-5, 2017), followed by kick-offs in Europe. Members can register at a discount, earning back their membership by attending one event.